Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Credit cards can I use?
A. Unfortunately due to the structure of the system and fee’s charged by the credit card companies, Deep Water Sales and Service is unable to process any credit card orders for vessel purchases. All sales are effected through transfers into our bonded escrow account or in some instances LOC.
However for Marine related Equipment (Engines, Electronics, Ect) Please call for availability.

Q. How do I remove a boat from the market while making travel arrangements and performing inspections?
A. The only way is to place a fully refundable deposit into escrow account under an escrow agreement stating the terms. This will remove the vessel from the open market and allow you to perform inspections with the peace of mind that the boat will not be sold to someone else.

Q. What are the procedures for submitting an offer on a vessel I have chosen?
A. To make an offer, please contact your AIMS agent and he will assist you in the very easy process.

Q. I live out of country. Do I have to be present to close on the vessel of my choice?
A. It is not necessary for you to be present to close on your vessel. Deep Water Sales and Service can handle all aspects of the closing on your behalf once you choose the vessel that is right for you.

Q. I do not have the time or crew to deliver the vessel to my home port. How do I get it here?
A. Deep Water Sales and Service USCG Licensed Captains and crews have made numerous delivery’s around the world with an excellent success rate over the past 50 years in business. We can also recommend good, capable crews that are familiar with your area and will get your vessel to you safely.

Q. I have never bought a boat before. What are the procedures?
A. Contact your Deep Water Sales and Service agent and he will provide you with all the info needed  in a logical easy  step by step manner.

Q. I do not know anyone in your area. How do I find a qualified surveyor?
A. Deep Water Sales and Service can recommend nationally recognized surveyors that are accredited and accepted by most institutions worldwide. Look for Surveyors with a NAMS or SAMS certification.